Arcade Fire Were Amazing, By The Way

They really lived up to their live reputation, with most of the band going absolutely nuts onstage. During one song two percussionists beat the shit out of everything they could find, including the floor, the lighting rig and each other.

Venue-wise, the place is basically the Point. Big (very) and crowded (also very). The sound was crappy unless you were close to the stage. Having not arrived there hours before the band took the stage, we were voiced with a choice of good views from the back, but crappy sound, or crappy views behind a pillar at the front but good sound. We chose the latter, which was fine. We had a great view of the keyboardist. My only other venue complaint was the fact that I went to get my round in just before 10, and the bar was closed! What the hell is that about? So, apologies to Gillers, I still owe him a pint.

My personal highlight was (oddly) a song I'm not a huge fan of- 'My Body Is A Cage'. It was the first song played on the giant church organ, and circular screens gave the audience a view from a camera attached to Win Butler's microphone. The blatant offbeat weirdness of the song made me think about exactly what Arcade Fire have achieved. They are an 'odd' band, the kind of band that would be traditionally confined to the alternative or indie scene, but they are selling out every show they play, no matter what size. They seem to be universally admired & appreciated...... and rightly so. Fair play.

I look forward to their third album, and hopefully seeing them live again.

Oh, Gillers did take some photos, I'll post them when I can.

Here's the band performing on Jonathan Ross, finishing up with some evidence that no matter how smart or indie you may be, everyone still wants to be a smelly rock n roll star:

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