Dumbledore: Man, Wizard, Queen.

JK Rowling has announced to the world the one piece of Harry Potter related gossip that, frankly, I didn't see coming: Dumbledore was gay. Carnegie hall greeted the announcement with a standing ovation (obviously I was the only one who hadn't already figured this out). Apparently the former Hogwarts Principle was in deeply love with his old friend Gellert Grindelwald, and was shocked and appalled when he found out what the object of his affection was capable of.
Well, I suppose, with threads like his, and such a talent for flamboyance we can't be too surprised. And so Albus Dumblesore joins the likes of Dorian Gray & C-3PO* in the annals of Gay Literature. Kudos!
You can read Rowling's entire speech here.
Thanks to Bob for the heads up.
*Could we argue for Gandalf's inclusion here? Is it just the Ian McKellan connections that's making me think this?

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