Band Of The Week: Neutral Milk Hotel

I first heard about these guys when artiste & photographer supreme Loreana Rush
pointed out to me how cool the artwork for their final album (right) was. Only this week have I actually got around to listening to their stuff, and it's mighty impressive. It's fitting snuggly into my listening habits right now as I'm still playing Beirut on heavy rotation and I wouldn't at all be suprised if Zach Condon had listened to Neutral Milk Hotel before he formed his band.

NMH, the brainchild of frontman Jeff Magnum, were around from 89 to 98, only releasing two albums, the second of which, 'In The Airplane Over The Sea' is the one I've been listening to. Great lyrics, minimal production and echoes of lots of artists I love can all be found in spades on this record. Well worth listening to.

Here's the beautiful title track:


And here's an odd little alternative anthem, 'Two Headed Boy':


Here's Jeff Magnum performing 'In The Airplane...' live. It's quite nice:

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