Got Me The 'Jape Is Grape EP'

...and it's really quite good..... BUT-and I'm sure this is a common complaint- us greedy folk want more new material, not four versions of 'Floating'! As amazing as 'Floating' is, Richie has teased us with nuggets online such as 'I Was A Man', and live gems such as 'Phil Lynott', and now I'm gagging to be able to play them on my stereo.

The EP does have two non-floating tracks on it, and they are amazing (without a second's doubt it's well worth the 3.99 you'll pay in Tower), but I guess that after traipsing around town tracking down both Jape's previous albums I just can't wait for the new one. Not that I have long to wait- early 08 is the good word. I'll just have to hold my breath until then, and keep listening to Floating (my favourite version of which is presently the D.I.M. Reworking on the EP. It's got echoes of Billie Jean! What more could you want?).

The 'Jape Is Grape EP' Is currently on sale pretty much everywhere you'd imagine it to be, including iTunes. Check it out. And while you're at it, buy tickets to Jape's New Years Eve show in Whelans. It'll be fun.

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