John Smeaton Article

The Observer magazine's cover star this week is John Smeaton, legendary Glasgow Airport baggage handler who took on flaming terrorists with his bare hands and ne'r say die attitude.

Here's his tribute website.

And here are some quotes from Smeaton's interviews about what happened on that fateful day in Glasgow:

Asked by ITV News what his message to terrorists was, he said:
"Glesga doesnae accept this. This is Glesga; we'll set aboot ye."

After he saw the police grappling with one of the attackers, he thought:
"You're no' hitting the Polis mate, there's nae chance."
"So I ran straight towards the guy, we're all trying to get a kick-in at him, take a boot to subdue the guy."

The Smeaton Anti-Terror Message:
"If any more extremists are still wanting to rise up and start trouble, know this: We’ll rise right back up against you. New York, Madrid, London, Paisley … we’re all in this together and make no mistake, none of us will hold back from putting the boot in."


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