Foggy Notions X-Mas Party

Myself, Conor & Dylan checked out the Foggy Notions X-Mas do in Whelan's last night. The FN folks had laid out a nice spread of mince pies, jellies & Christmas crackers, while the stage was decked with tinsel and the obligatory Christmas tree. The opening band 'You're Only Massive' were pretty interesting, their final song (something about being too cool to dance) was kickass. Hopefully they'll be able to expand their live show in the future, as unfortunately it felt a little bit Karaoke with only the vocals being played live.

Final Fantasy played a very different set to Tuesday night's Vicar St show, treating the crowd to mostly new songs & covers. It got pretty lively at a few stages, particularly during 'This Is A Dream Of Win & Regine' (one of the few omissions at Vicar St), when an impromptu influx of balloons had Owen batting them away with violin & bow as he played. The brief set was rounded off with a spectacular rendition of 'Peach, Plum, Pear'. Owen seemed much more at ease during this performance than his previous one, joking around and conversing with the crowd. All hail the festive spirit, I guess.

Girl Talk was pretty damned energetic for a man playing from a laptop, bopping around like a maniac between sporadically jumping in the air and doing the splits. Nice. We didn't get to hang around for most of his set, but from what I heard it seemed like a night of much crazy dancing was ahead.

So good job, Foggy Notions, a Christmas celebrated in style!

Photos courtesy of Niamh over at 'So It Goes'. Thanks Niamh!

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