Big Record Companies Are Dicks (Obviously..)

Check out this story.

We all know that the music industry has a dislike for Pirates, Johnny Depp or otherwise, but according to the Washington Post, the big record companies reckon that if you buy a cd,and put it on your computer, then it's stealing. What the hell?!

And however much that annoys them, they reserve another level of ridiculocity for those who dare to share music with others online. The poor lady in this article got ordered by a federal court in the US to give these media giants the guts of 10 grand for each song she shared.

Are the big record companies clutching at straws? Can they see their own demise around the corner and feel the need to grap as much cash as they can before it hits?

Blathnaid's gonna be posting her thoughts on the matter here on egoeccentric very soon. Stay tuned!

In other, happier news for Pirates, Warners have agreed to finally stop putting copy protection software on their releases, which leaves Sony BMG the only major still holding on to the irritating piece of software.

Soon, Sony, soon..

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