2008 In Movie Posters

Click here for an interesting preview of the year in movies.

The pick of the bunch has got to be this gem on the right. Jason Statham, Ray Liotta AND Burt Reynolds? It can't possibly live up to such a cast.

But wait- It's based on a computer game, which can only mean one thing... you've guessed it- it's directed by Uwe Boll- the certified worst director of all time (and consequentially one of the most entertaining filmmakers of all time).

Hmm.. Uwe Boll's take on Lord Of The Rings- not to be missed then. I was lucky enough to catch the world premier of Boll's last film at Cannes this year. 'Postal' had people walking out outraged from the get go, but was perversely hilarious in that 'oh my lord, what the hell is going on here?' kind of way that Boll specialises in. For those intrigued, here's the movie's opening sequence. But be warned, if Boll is successful, you will be grossly offended.

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