Audiograff: Gig Me!

A friend of mine (Cian) has come up with a bitchin idea for what's essentially a gig guide, but not just that, it's pretty much the ultimate gig guide, worldwide. The online service, which is called Audiograff, is a few weeks away from launching, but right now they're signing up artists, dj's, promotors etc. who want to get listed.

This is crazy, state-of-the-art stuff we're talking here, and I'll bet you a coke that this is the way listings are going to be done in the future. Their onsite blurb calls Audiograff "the world's most advanced live music directory", and they aint lying.

I'll be posting proper details about the service when the site launches, so you'll find out then what the hell this is all about, but in the meantime if you play or run shows and want them listed & promoted to people in your area, then you can sign at

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