Futureheads For Heineken 'Secret' Gig

Heineken's 'Green Spheres' are a series of sweet secret gigs that have been held in various places around the country for some time now. The free-of-charge, invite only shows have delighted audiences with appearances from the likes of New Young Pony Club, CSS & Broken Social Scene.

The next show in the 'Green Spheres' Series has been announced for the 31st of January in the Clarence, Sligo with headliners The Futureheads.

The series obviously kicks ass for several reasons:

  • It's free
  • The venues are nifty
  • They actually get good bands
  • I like the whole 'top secret hush-hush' thing
  • It's free
So if you like The Futureheads or, alternatively if you just like Sligo, then head on over to the gig's website to try to swing some tickets.

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