Portugal. The Man

No real reason for posting about Portugal. The Man other then i wanted to.
Portugal. The Man is an experimental band from Wasilla, Alaska, featuring members of the former band Anatomy of a Ghost.
Musically, Portugal. The Man's style is one of variation. At times, the band chooses to utilize drum machines and/or synth loops to anchor their songs, while at other times, the band chooses to use the more conventional guitar, bass, and acoustic drum configuration that is characteristic of rock music. The band also utilizes the keyboard in much of its music. In addition to their instrumentals, Gourley's distinctly higher-pitched vocals add to Portugal. The Man's unique sound. Lyrically, Gourley provides the band with abstract and/or enigmatic lyrics that rely heavily on imagery. Gourley's verses are usually delivered in the first person singular or plural.
Portugal. The Man - AKA M80 The Wolf

Portugal. The Man, Live Jam

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