Rancid: Not Dead

Punk outfit Rancid have put to rest widely held assumptions that the band is no more by announcing that they are to return to the studio this year. The band, who have been largely inactive for the past four years, shall release the new record in 2009 featuring former Used drummer Branden Steineckert replacing Brett Reed on drums.

These guys are a pretty decent punk act, their peak for me being 1995's '...And Out Come The Wolves' which features this as-melancholic-as-punk-gets number, 'Journey To The End (Of The East Bay):

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January 18, 2008 at 10:52 PM Cathy said...

Oh sweet thanks rob, I had somehow completely forgotten about rancid- don't think they're on my ipod, I know it's sad how without being on my ipod I kinda forgot them, but journey to the end of east bay was like one of my all time favourite songs ever, so glad you had it on the blog!