Todays Offering

Its Thursday so not that much left to go well that is if you work monday to Friday if you don't adjust last statement to suit.
Todays Mp3 is by Friendly Fires. Friendly Fires is singer Ed MacFarlane, drummer Jack Savidge, and guitarist Edd Gibson.Formed out of the ashes of 'First Day Back', the St Albans hardcore band they formed while still at school, Friendly Fires make razor-sharp post-punk that burns through the memories of all the dismal, skinny jeaned ‘80s revivalists you’ve been hearing these past few years. Sounding brittle, knotty and urgent, Friendly Fires are the real deal. With no fat or padding on them at all, their songs possess an elegant sparseness. As guitarist Edd Gibson notes: “The hardest thing I think is to know what to leave out, to know when something is enough.” But amongst all the strpped-back twists, there are also moments full of deep, blessed-out melodies. “I love lush, massive, tingly chords; the My Bloody Valentine sound,” says bassist and singer Ed MacFarlane. The mp3 i gonna give you is Bring Out Your Dead off there Cross The Line (EP).
Bring Out Your Dead

Heres two of there videos
Friendly Fires 'On Board'

Friendly Fires "Paris"

if they don't at least get your head bobbing in work your dead , so you can go home dead people don't have to work

oh yeah my wtf thing of the week David Fincher wants to bring Fight Club to Broadway in 2009!? “One of the things I want at the 10-year anniversary is to do “Fight Club” as a musical on Broadway. I love the idea of that.” ???????? what ?????

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January 10, 2008 at 1:23 PM Evil Bob said...

I am liking these friendly fires. I am liking a lot.