Do it like Marky Ramone

Warning: The use of Marky Ramone condoms may result in an increase in speed and an endurance time of two minutes or less.

Marky Ramone, long-time drummer of The Ramones and one of the last remaining survivors, is readying the release of a new “safer sex” kit in conjunction with prophylactic peddlers Ready two Go. Housed in a black or silver metal tin with the Marky Ramone emblem—well technically derived from The Ramones presidential logo—printed on the front and the tagline “Too Tuff To Break,” the kit comes complete with two Lifestyle condoms, lubricant, and a STD resource card (? is it like a top trumps card ?). Once empty, the tin makes for the perfect stash box for cigarettes, drugs, and other items that could kill you. Bonus: every 1,000th tin comes with a free pair of Marky Ramone signature Vic Firth Drum Sticks!And 10% of net proceeds go to CitiWide Harm Reduction

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