Glastonbury registration opens today

For those of you who make their decision about whether to go to a festival or not based solely on the line-up...well...Oxegen tickets go on sale in a while so you don't need to read any further.



For those of you who look on festivals as an experience, a chance to meet deadly people, an opportunity to hear savage music that you've never heard before and have accepted the fact that no matter how much you plan, the chances are there's alwasy going to be some band or other that you wanted to see that you will miss due to some reason or another........well Glastonbury is the place for you.

The fact that I actually have to try and sell this to people is depressing but if you have an open mind then get yourself to this farm in Somerset come June. The only artist confirmed so far is Neil Diamond but if this, to you, is a deterrant I would remind you that there are over 1000 other acts playing so the oppurtunity is there to avoid Mr.Diamond in many different ways.

Registration is easy. You go here, put in your details and then come April you'll get to battle with the rest of us to try and get one of 200,000 tickets. Its not actually as difficult as it sounds and I can assure you that its more than bloody worth it. Glastonbury has been host to some absolutely legendary artists and performances. One of which was Pulp in 1995 who filled in for The Stone Roses after John Squire broke his collar bone. Evidence here:

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