Godspeed's Existential Crisis

Godspeed You! Black Emperor's indefinite hiatus looks like it may never end, as Efrin Menuck has hinted to drownedinsound.com that he doesn't see a future for the band.

Why? It's complicated. Never a band to bend to clich├ęs, Godspeed have replaced the usual 'creative differences' with a more elaborate conundrum- specifically an 'existential freak-out', closely related to the Iraq war. I could try to paraphrase what Menuck says in the interview, but interested parties are much better off reading it themselves (click), as in true existentialist form, he's rather vague.

Shame though, Godspeed were pretty damned amazing- and surely Sartre would have encouraged Menuck & Co to use this existential freak-out to spur them to more action. I guess we'll just have to make do with their not-at-all-prolific output of side projects & spin-off bands (I'm being sarcastic- scroll down to 'b').

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