New (old) Madvillain Video

Filmed in 2004 and off there debut album Madvillainy, released for the first time on Stones Throw 102: In Living the True Gods.

Madvillain - Accordion

Madvillain is the moniker and stage name for the underground hip-hop collaboration between MF DOOM (MC) and Madlib (producer).
Their debut album Madvillainy was met with critical acclaim for its unique approach - short songs, obscure lyrics, few choruses and a sound which was generally unfriendly to commercial radio. This was directly opposite to the formulas of popular hip hop of the time. The album features a host of guests from stones throw including MED, Wildchild and Doom/Madlib aliases Viktor Vaughn and Quasimoto respectively.

While the video isnt groundbreaking if it gets a few more people into Mf Doom and Madlib it will be something.

MP3> Madvillain -Accordion

MP3>Madvillian [Four Tet Remixes]-accordion

MP3>Madvillian [Four Tet Remixes]-money folder

And finally a song off Mf Doom excellent album MM Food (one of my favorite hip hop albums of all time) one beer remixed by madlib

Mp3>MF Doom -One Beer (Madlib Remix)

MF DOOM and Madlib are currently working on a second installment of Madvillainy. One track, 'Monkey Suite' have been out and won some kinda mtv video awards thingy
Madvillain - Monkey Suite

the dvd Stones Throw 102: In Living The True Gods is out now and features other great video like this other Madvillain video
Madvillain - All Caps

the dvd also features
Music videos:
Madvillain “Monkey Suite”
Madvillain “Accordion” (previously unreleased)
Oh No ft. J.Dilla and Roc C “Move”
Quasimoto “Rappcats Pt. 3”
J Dilla “Nothing Like This”
MED “Push”
James Pants “Do a Couple of Things”
Madlib “Take It Back”
Gary Wilson “Gary's in the Park”
Quasimoto “Bullyshit”
Aloe Blacc “Busking”
Roc C ft. Aloe Blacc “My Life”
Lootpack “Crate Diggin’” (prev. unreleased on DVD)
Baron Zen “At The Mall”
Stones Throw Singers “Rain Of Earth”

Bonus features:
• J Dilla, 2003 interview in The Netherlands - previously unseen in its full length form.
• “Move” Behind The Scenes
• Quasimoto (?) Live at Justice League Fimed in San Francisco, CA, Summer 2000
• Jaylib Live at Conga Room Filmed in Los Angeles, October 2004
• Charizma and Peanut Butter Wolf “Studio Time 92” - a newly assembled mini-doc of the group, with VHS footage circa 1992.
• The Funky 16 Corners Rehearsal, 2001

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