On Hold With The Driving Test Center

My god, calling these people was difficult. For starters, the call-center only opens from 1.30 til 4.00, which is ridiculous considering the 'pressure' they're supposed to be under trying to clear the backlog.

The clock turns 1.30 and I call straight away, getting caught up with the rest of the country who have also been waiting all morning to make this call. So I'm put on hold and get hit with this barrage instead of nice chirpy hold music:

death doom & gloom

What the hell?? Is that really necessary? Talk about putting a dampener on my day.

To add further ridiculousness to the whole process, when I finally got through to a human being I casually enquired about getting on the cancellation list and was told that it was no problem, she'd call me tomorrow and probably get me a test within the week.

And we wonder why the testing scenario is such a sham.

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