Free Dr Pepper for everyone in the USA courtesy of G N'R

For anybody who doesn't know, Chinese Democracy, the new (lets not say 'new' actully, lets say 'next') album from Guns N'Roses, has been slated for release since sometime in 1999. Its been rescheduled for every few months since then and there's still no sign of it.

Dr. Pepper however are so convinced that it won't be out by the end of the year that in a genuine bout of publicity stunt craziness they have promised every single person in the United States a free Dr Pepper if it does.

Personally I hope they do release it just for the fact that this rancid rancid drink will no doubt be put out of business by having to cater to the 300 Million+ citizens of the US for free. Please God please. Oh and I've heard the album and it ain't all that anyway. Which is a nice way of saying that as much as I want to like it, it sucks.

NME has the story

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