Neon Love Leaves The Shaw

Thursday nights in Dublin about to become a lot less neon, as tomorrow sees Neon Love's last night in the Bernard Shaw.

The weekly electro night brought joy and dancyness to the pub for more than a year, but is sadly set to move on from tomorrow. What the future holds for Thursdays & Neon Love, we do not know... but you're all guaranteed at least one more night of madness as Neon Heroes from the club's history descend on the Shaw tomorrow night.

Philth (Backlash), Dave Salacious (Family), Trashed DJs, Chemistry DJs, & Antics DJs will all be providing entertainment from 8 til the wee hours, with Beer for E3.50, Buckfast for E12 & Shots E3.

As always with Neon Love, admission is free! What more of an excuse do you need?

Tis a shame to see the end of such a great club, but I'm sure this is not the end for the NL crew.

Best of luck to them all from egoeccentric!

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