Wolfman Pics= Sweet

I friggin love horror movies.

Particular favorites of mine are the old Universal monster flicks (you know, the classic Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy etc). I remember hearing about Universal deciding to re-jig the genre with a big budget, all-emcompassing Van Helsing, and thinking: 'this could be the greatest movie ever made' (after, of course, The Monster Squad). Anyone unlucky enough to have watched Van Helsing will know how wrong I was, so I must try my hardest not to get too excited about this flick.

Universal are attempting another update, but this time sticking to one monster- The Wolfman.

Benico Del Toro is set to portray the titular beast, taking on a role immortalised by the legend that was Oliver Reed. The new film is written by Andrew Kevin Walker (Seven- cool!), and to be directed by Joe Jackson (The Rocketeer- cooler!).

But as we all know, in a movie like this, 90% is gonna rely on your money shot- the monster himself. Werewolves have appeared on the silver screen on many occasions, and are often... well, stupid (pictured above). So in a very smart move, the movie's producers have hired Rick Baker, the genius behind this particular monster's previous best screen incarnation- An American Werewolf in London- to handle the effects.

How has he done?

Click below to find out.

Not bad, Mr. Baker, not bad.

The movie is currently shooting, with a release date set for May 2009.

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