5 Second Review: The Jimmy Cake, Spectre and Crown

6 uears after their last full album 'Dublin gone, Everybody dead', The Jimmy Cake finally return after numerous line-up changes.


  • The Jimmy Cake are awesome. I've always thought so and I always will.
  • The Jimmy Cake live are an awesome proposition.
  • The epic scope of this album is a pay off to what they've been buildling up to for years.
  • The addition of Who-like Synths on tracks like 'Hugs for Buddy' add a new flavour.

  • The chaotic mish-mash of instruments that normally infuse their tracks isn't as much in evidence on this album as it was on the last which could piss off a few people who loved them for that very reason.
  • At first few listens it doesn't appear to be as amazing as 'Dublin Gone, Everybody Dead'.
  • Thats pretty much it for the cons.
The albums excellent and anybody who doubts me can listen to 'Hugs for Buddy' below to see what I mean. Get to see The Jimmy Cake live as soon as you can as well.

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