egoeccentric hangover mix 11

No special guest this week I'm afraid intrepid reader, so you're stuck with me (but worry not- we're working on some extra special guests, so keep your optical implants peeled). I hope this mix has the same rejuvenating powers as Mr. T

tracklisting download link and more in the read more

1. I Beer - Reaching Quiet
2. The Singing Tree - Jeffrey Lewis
3. I'm Not Seventeen - Owen
4. Fuzzy Sun - Jim O'Rourke
5. Fall and Raise It On - Rian Murphy and Will Oldham
6. New Paths to Helicon (Pt.2) - Mogwai
7. Too Late Or Too Dead - 90 Day Men
8. superman on ice - 13 + god
9. The Sleeparound - Ris Paul Ric
10. Little Eyes - Yo La Tengo
11. Go (Daniel Johnston cover) - Sparklehorse(feat. The Flaming Lips)

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If your looking for a hangover tonight, i recommend Richter Collective Launch Tonight in the lower deck with Ten Past Seven, Bats, Los Langeros and Discarded Retarded

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