The OughtAlmanac of AmassedFact Vol. I

The Subtle graphic novel that ties in with their new album is online at, the graphic novel follows the story of the Subtle character "Hour Hero Yes". Subtle will also produce a print version of the graphic novel called The OughtAlmanac of AmassedFact Vol. I. This will be extremely limited edition and I do mean limited , their only making 100 copies of it and it will only be available at live shows (so not a chance i will ever get my hands on a copy) the graphic novel will also come with a MP3 CD containing "all 2.8 hours of the Almanac read over Subtle improv exerpts and record crackle."

In other doseone news hes about to pitch a cartoon show to Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. This is the collaboration I've been waiting for well in my head it works great.
Dose and Jel already have a cartoon on youtube called NOTgarfield, check it

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