And the Song of the Day Is...

... the excellent Pocketknife remix of Joanna Newsom's Book of Right On.

Click for mp3

Pocketknife is one half of an kickass underground duo (the other half being Cousin Cole) who are responsible for 'Tambourine Dream', an album of understated indie folk remixes. An interesting idea which has come off pretty well, it also features remixes of tracks by Beirut, Iron & Wine, Nick Drake & Neil Young.

Check it out here.

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April 30, 2008 at 5:33 AM Evil Bob said...

Bass drum = too harsh for my pixie accustomed music acquired ears.

It is interesting I grant you. But it is like adding an extra coat of paint to Rembrant.
Emotive and evocative but thoroughly unnecessary. I will try the Nick Drake versions with talons out.