Arcade Fire To Score 'The Box'

'The Box' is the new film from Donnie Darko director Richard Kelly, and already it's shaping up to fare better then the probably-a-bit-too-weird-to-work 'Southland Tales'.

Starring Cameron Diaz and James 'Cyclops' Marsden, the film is based on an idea by Richard Matheson, the excellent writer behind 'I Am Legend'. Don't be put off by the dodgy Will Smith version, Matheson has a habit of penning great high-concept psychological thrillers, many of them (including 'The Box') having appeared first as episodes of the original Twilight Zone.

As the film heads to the editing room, it's just been announced that Arcade Fire have headed to the studio to work on composing it's score. This should be interesting...

As yet there's no release date set for the flick.

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