Beck's Modern Guilt

So Beck's 10th album has a name Modern Guilt and if you haven't heard already its Danger Mouse-produced and Cat Power-assisted (mmm interesting). The album will clock in at just over a half an hour and will feature 10 tracks, no full track listing yet but have heard it will feature the following songs: "Modern Guilt", "Beggars Shoes", "Chem Trails", and "Walls"(with "Walls" featuring Cat Power)
Heres what Danger Mouse had to say about the album

"is full of off-kilter rhythms and left-field breakdowns, with an overall 1960s British vibe. Beck's vocals float over the music as if he's singing along to some mystical radio station in the next room. The title track has the groove of a good Zombies single, while the twangy guitar and uptempo beat of "Beggars Shoes" make it sound like Beck's cruising at maximum speed down Route 66."

Theres no fixed releaes date for the album but sources say Beck's "likely to rush it out in June, much like the recent blitzkrieg of releases from Gnarls Barkley and the Raconteurs"

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