Fred Armisen Presents Jens Hannemann: Complicated Drumming Technique

This was on ATP TV over the weekend and i nearly wet myself watching it (a review of ATP vs Pitchfork coming soon as soon as i can collect my thoughts and get some photos together)

Jens Hannemann "Complicated Drumming Technique

"One of the funniest comic performers of our time, Fred Armisen goes way inside for this satire of music tech geeks and gear heads. It's not faint praise to suggest that Armisen is the most interesting and ingenious Saturday Night Live cast member , as the show revels in one of its periodic creative upswings. Armisen's characters and impressions are disturbingly surreal and his commitment to absurdity is laudable. Jens Hannemann is something of a classic Armisen creation: a complete douche bag of vague ethnic origin who's unaware of how idiotic he truly is. taking stabs at new age-inspired jam bands and instructional music videos, Armisen has Hannemann explaning the supposed theroy behind his horribly wanky "compositions like "Fluid Engine" with no comprehensible logic. Interspersed throughout is Armisen's "know nothing know it all" Victor Benedetto, who offers ridiculous drum tips in a vague New York accent. Essentially , Hannemann and Benedetto are the fucking losers most musicians will endure at some point in their lives. In full mimicry mode, Armisen pretty much wastes our time here but the shots of Steve Albini's Electrial Audio Studio are nice."

Drum Tips with Victor Benedetto #1

Jens Hannemann - Drumming Testimonials

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