Time To Mugiboogie

Got this track from Physics of a Unicycle last week and can't stop listening to it, so now it's your turn.

Mugison is one of those it's-a-band-but-it's-just-one-guy-but-it's-a-band things. Icelander Örn Elías Guðmundsson (lets just call him Mugison) is the star of the show, and 2007's Mugiboogie is an absolutely gem of an album. It's all a quite soulful affair, with that just-right mix of grit and slickness. And what a voice.

Check out the excellent (and excellently titled) 'Jesus is a Good Name to Moan' and it's quasi-NSFW video below.

Click for mp3

You can buy Mugiboogie for the exceedingly cheap price of 10 euro (digital download AND Hard Copy with free shipping) here.

Mugison on myspace

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