U:Mack night of excellence

U:Mack continue their path of bringing excellent music to the country at an affordable price. The fact that they have managed to somehow get around the monopoly created by other prickish organisations is commendable indeed and the fact that they've managed to get three awesome bands together in one venue warms the cockles of my cold heart.

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It didn't make things any easier for the later bands that the most enjoyable part of the night for me was the opening act Chrome Hoof. Filling in for Liars who just had to run off and support Radiohead on their U.S. tour, the Hoof put on one of those performances that make you stare hard with jaw dropped and a puzzled but pleasured expression on your face. Its hard to describe exactly what it is that I saw on that stage but its certainly something that isn't for everyone. Not everybody will dig their combination of funk/punk/post-rock/electro/metal but those people are all fucked up in their mind-thoughts. Won't be missing these punters again.

It unfortunate that The Redneck Manifesto had to follow the Hoof because as good as they are (and they are very very good)- it isn't the first time I've seen them, so the surprise element isn't there. That being said they put on as great a show as they always do.

Despite the fact that this is probably about the 5th time in the last 18 months that Battles have played Dublin its still the first time I've had the pleasure of checking them out. Even after playing "Mirrored" to death all the songs they crack out seem as fresh as the the first time that I heard them. Its hard to believe that 4 men can make that kind of chaotic yet beautiful noise but they manage it. There were a few complaints from those accompanying me that perhaps they shouldn't have played their more recognisable songs like "Tonto" and "Atlas" so early on in the set but to those folks I say "Why should they pander to your preconceptions? They're Battles. They can do whatever the fuck they want".

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