5 Second Review: Incredible Hulk

Marvel Studios release their second self-produced flick and try to banish memories of Ang Lee's 'no-action Hulk'.


  • There's certainly no shortage of action this time round. Even when Ed Norton is in non-hulk form, he's constantly being chased by trigger-happy army types.
  • The CGI is quite good. I've heard complaints about it not looking realistic, but honestly- it's a 15 foot green monster. I reckon that probably The most important thing is that the CGI elements interact well with the real ones.
  • Tim Roth does the usual snarling villain thing, and the film is all the better for it.
  • Lots of explosions. Which is nice.
  • No prolonged exposition or dialogue-heavy scenes, which don't really fit in this kinda movie (cough, Ang Lee, cough). Less introspection, more smashing things.
  • Nice hints of things to come (not gonna get into spoilers).
  • Lou Ferrigno (original TV Hulk) makes an appearance. And he still looks like a brick shithouse. Fanboys= happy.

  • Lots of silliness. Mostly of the typical 'Don't do that, you fool!' variety, where characters who should really know better persist in doing stupid things.
  • In fact, the vast majority of characters in this movie are complete and utter morons.
  • A tad too self-referential. How many in-jokes do we need?
  • I know it's the point of the whole thing, but I can't help but wince at lines like "Hulk Smash!".
  • Goof city. A couple of sloppy, lazy filmmaking errors are noticeable. Expect fanboys picking over them for years.
Harbour no delusions about Hulk (it's no Citizen Kane), this is a popcorn movie and you get what you pay for. It's short, self-aware, slightly kitch, and ultimately fun. More of the same, please, Marvel.

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