5 Second Review: The Dark Knight

Second part of Christopher Nolan's revitalised Batman franchise. Most anticipated film of the year and biggest opening weekend of all time? Does that make it good?


  • Batman Begins was awesome so certainly this one wasn't going to suck.
  • Dark, Dark, Dark. Batman has a lot on his plate.
  • Majority of movie set in daytime which actually makes everything all the more threatening.
  • Some unbelieveably awesome set-pieces.
  • Has the ability to fuck with your expectations and make nothing obvious.
  • Heath Ledger. Holy fucking Jesus.
  • You might think that 2 and a half hours is enough to fit in everything that needs to be fit in but it is a long long time and its possible that much could be trimmed.
  • Some characters not served as well as they might.
  • Thats pretty much it. Its a great way to spend a couple of hours.
Its not quite as good as the hype would have you believe but its certainly one of the best movies to be released this year not to mention the best Batman movie and possibly the best Comic-book movie ever as well. Watchmen is going to have a lot to live up to.

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July 25, 2008 at 1:59 AM Clockwork Rob said...

"Heath Ledger. Holy fucking Jesus."