5 Second Review: Wall-E

New Pixar movie proves to be studio's most ambitious project to date. Story of an abandoned earth and the last of a crew of clean-up robots mapping out his solitary existence in fire extinguishers and old musicals.


  • Absolutely gorgeous animation. Almost unparalleled in its gorgeousness.
  • Very interesting story and (for Disney/Pixar) rather bleak to boot.
  • Impossibly manages to capture all the emotions there are, in a character who has no facial features other than eyes.
  • Manages to engage despite being 90% dialogue free.
  • Has more Heart than a Nanci Wilson fans record collection.
  • Absolutely demented in its views of humanity. Criticising mankinds leanings towards couch potatoness from a studio who encourages people to be couch potato's is frankly unheard of.

  • Beepy noises and dialogue free movies are not to everybody's taste.
  • Neither are Pixar movies. These haters are known as assholes.
There really isn't a whole lot one can do in the way of criticising this picture. Its inventive and ground-breaking in every possible way and is going to be one hell of a hard act to follow.

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