Database Bring The Party

Brazil's muscling in on France's reputation as purveyors of fine electro, and São Paulo's Database is the latest act to give our Gallic friends a serious run for their money.

The band are about to release their Re-Edits album, featuring Database & Guests remixing the likes of AC/DC, Curtis Mayfield and the Jbs. Sounds good, I know, but even better is the fact that from the 11th til the 17th of August all 12 tracks will be available for free from the band's myspace.

We'll be sure to post a reminder closer to the time, but for now here's a taster:

Database Featuring Midnight Martyn- Party People

Click for mp3

Check out the lad's myspace page here, and make sure you listen to their remix of Jo Mistinguett's Personal Fuck. It's awesome.

Edit: In fact, that remix is too good not to post.
Jo Mistinguett- Personal Fuck (Database Remix)

Click for mp3

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