ENEMIES Choose The egoeccentric Hangover Mix Vol 24

This week's (belated, sorry!) hangover cure comes from Wicklow/Dublin based mathy-post rockers Enemies. Originally started as a solo project for the guitar stylings of Eoin Whitfield, Enemies quickly evolved into a full on band, leaving behind them a host of acclaimed live shows and one kickass EP released on Popular Records, Alpha Waves (buy it here).

The lads are hitting Belfast this month for the Cerfew festival, which is in The Bunker on the 25th of July. For a taste of what to expect I reccommend checking out the blistering Two Lads on the band's myspace.

Mix tracklist & download link in the read more.

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01 Sigur Rós- Gobbledigook
02 Toe- All I Understand Is That I Don't
03 Owen-Places To Go
04 Foals- Red Socks Pugie
05 Low- When I Go Deaf
06 Unwed Sailor- Our Nights
07 Sigur Rós- Heysatan
08 Tortoise- Crest
09 The Appleseed Cast- Blind Man's Arrow
10 Naan - 梟、夕闇とともに飛ぶ (The Owl Flies With Twilight)

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