New Bloc Party Single

Bloc Party have debuted their new single, which will appear on their forthcoming third album. The track, called Mercury, is an excellent little pop song with dance written all over it, and demented sound effects creating an uneasy feel that really works (well, for me- Ste disagrees).

Some good news for album number 3 is that Jacknife Lee is back on board, the Irish super-producer who helped make A Weekend in the City so sonically jawdropping. If the rest of the album is along these lines I, for one, will be very impressed. There was a certain element of disappointment for me when Weekend... came out and there's was no 'Banquet Mark II', but you have to give Kele & co kudos (check out that alliteration!) - it's this kind of experimentation and evolution that makes bands great (Radiohead being the obvious example).

Video & track in the readmore.

Click for mp3

You can pre-order the single
, which is to be released on August 11th from Bloc Party's website here. The box set contains CD & Vinyl, with B-sides including a CSS remix of the track. Interesting...

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July 9, 2008 at 8:45 PM leah said...

i love bloc party! "mercury" is great. i'm going to see them at the royal oak music theatre (near detroit) on september 5th. anyone else going? if you want to know more: )