Rolo Tomassi pick the egoeccentric Hangover Mixtape Vol. 25

This weekends hangover mix comes from UK band Rolo Tomassi (well was picked by James the keyboard player but lets say it was picked by the band its easier). Rolo Tomassi play a synth driven fury which at times descends into lounge jazz and at others peaks with balls out punk rock, but this weekend we have them in a bit more of a relaxed note and putting together a mix for sore heads.
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01 why? - good friday
02 owen - skin and bones
03 the album leaf - twentytwofourteen
04 a silver mt. zion - could've moved mountains
05 múm - the land between solar systems
06 iron & wine - the lions mane
07 johnny flyyn & the sussex wit - brown trout blues
08 M83 - by the kiss
09 pink floyd - shine on you crazy diamond (part one)
10 the one am radio - flicker

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Rolo Tomassi are set to release their new album "hysterics" in September and by all accounts its sounding awesome and face melting.And have just announced a bunch of dates about the UK with mirror!mirror! and throats to coincide with its release. Im really look forward to the album as i loved the E.P and am hoping to catch them live somehow in the near future.

If your heads not too sore heres a brief clip of Rolo Tomassi in action
Rolo Tomassi@Beyond Retro London

Rolo Tomassi myspace

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