music I can't getout of my head

This time around the music i cant get out of my head is from Goblin ,actually as of late Ive been having a kinda Goblin obsession and listening to a lot of their albums on heavy rotation. Who are Goblin you may ask , for those that don't know a quick history lesson in the read more

Goblin - Roller

Goblin are an Italian progressive rock band who were known for their soundtracks on Dario Argento films
They were initially named Cherry Five and were influenced by Genesis and King Crimson. Their early work spawned one progressive rock record named after the band, until they were called in as replacements for composer Giorgio Gaslini, who had left the film Profondo Rosso after a conflict with director Dario Argento. They changed their name to Goblin and rewrote most of the score, including the famous main theme. The film, and the soundtrack album, were huge hits.
A reshuffle in their line-up followed, and then an instrumental progressive rock album Roller, before they got the chance to work with Argento again for Suspiria. The score’s nerve-jangling experimental sounds and bizarre vocals have since become legendary. Other film soundtracks and a concept album (Il Fantastico Viaggio Del Bagarozzo Mark) followed, then the score for the European version of George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead (1978).
Despite their success, more members of the band left. The line-up was altered again, but this time they struggled to maintain their credibility. What was left of the band continued to work on further soundtracks, but there was a partial reunification for Argento’s Tenebrae (1982) (although they were credited separately, not as Goblin).

In 2000, the group reformed to score the new Dario Argento thriller entitled Nonhosonno (Sleepless). After over 22 years of absence, their return was spectacular. The soundtrack was a great success and showed the group could still compose after such a long time apart, much to the fans delight. Since that time the group has again been disbanded, amid disagreements during the production. Nevertheless in 2005, the official Goblin biography written by Giovanni Aloisio was released and an official website called Back to the Goblin. In 2007, Goblin recorded the soundtrack for Argento’s follow-up to Suspiria and Inferno, named La Terza Madre (The Third Mother).

Recently Justice sampled the song Tenebre on their song PHANTOM

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