Russell Crowe to Play Bill Hicks?

According to this interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, Russel Crowe is said to be considering taking the lead role in a Bill Hicks Biopic. The film is currently being penned by kiwi Mark Staufer, a former UK Universal television executive who Crowe is developing several projects with.


Lets ignore for a minute the fact that a Bill Hicks biopic is a terrible idea (do you think HE'd approve?), I have some serious reservations about Crowe in the lead role. Granted- he can act, but I worry that his much reported delusions of grandeur won't lend themselves favorably to the role of the self-deprecating anti-christ that was Hicks. The obvious worry is that in true Hollywood fashion the whole thing will be more 'tortured cancer sufferer' than 'dirty goat boy', in which case it's an automatic failure in my eyes. We'll just have to wait and hope.

Below clip: Academy award winner Russell Crowe gives a heart-wrenching performance as a terminal cancer patient struggling with his own mortality, who goes on a journey of discovery to find out about the beauty of life, and the healing power of love.

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