Reinventing State

State Magazine has undergone a reinvention. Ireland's premier music magazine has given their website a facelift, and (more significantly) from next month the magazine is 'going free'.

Full statement (heh heh) and all the details from editor Phil Udell in the readmore...

"Hello and welcome to tomorrow. As you may have noticed, we’ve made a few changes around here, given the old place a lick of paint, that sort of thing. Website stuff…..
Normally at this point in the month we would be extolling the virtues of the latest edition of State Magazine, informing you of the delights to be found between its exquisite looking covers. This month, however, there is merely a magazine shaped void. As with, we are making a few changes to how we do things. When we launched State six months ago we were fully expecting to take the traditional route to achieve something new and exciting in the Irish magazine business. We feel that we started to achieve that but we know we can do more. The music magazine world is heading the same way as the rest of the industry – the audience are able to get their fix wherever and whenever they please and usually for nothing.

"And so…….State is heading down a similar route. We’re taking a month to continue rearranging the furniture and when we return at the beginning of next month State will be available to pick up in a venue, bar, cafe, shop, whatever near you for free. And if you can’t get one yet we’ll post you one for the price of a stamp. Aside from the price, what else will change? Well, nothing really. State Magazine will still bring you the best in music writing on the best music around, from the well known to the stuff that you really ought to know about. From Abba to Dan Deacon, Justin Timberlake to Cadence Weapon, Stiff Little Fingers to Republic Of Loose – State has brought you them all and will continue on that quest believe us.

"Of course we’re not the first to take this approach (props to our colleagues at Mongrel, Analogue and Connected) and the way things are going we’re sure we won’t be the last, but we are genuinely excited by the prospects that await us. For those of you who have been with us from the start, things just got a lot better and to those about to join us, welcome to State. Onwards and upwards we go."

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