Analogue Birthday Party

Analogue magazine celebrates it's Birthday tonight in Bodytonic's new Twisted Pepper venue on abbey street.

As well as Mr. Jones' regular Thursday mix of bassline/baltimore/electro downstairs courtesy of Mark Lam and Scutchie, the stage will play host to some eclectic & no doubt excellent performances.

Headlining will be Spilly Walker, a live set from David & Rob Kitt's electro venture. Also on the night will be a performance from egoeccentric favorite Patrick Kelleher, this time playing with the illustrious Come Back Johnnys. Finally the night will host the first live appearance of the awesome Villagers, AKA Conor O'Brien of The Immediate and esteemed coleagues.

Everything kicks off at 9 tonight, at the very reasonable price of €8, or €5 with student card. There'll also be some recession-busting drinks promos, with €3 beers, and €3 vodka & redbull. Party...

Check out the latest issue of Analogue online here.

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