Preacher gets Director

Dubious news today. After about ten years of different people attached, including a mooted HBO tv series (which probably would have had the freedom to be the most faithful) the classic Vertigo comics series Preacher has gotten a director for its big screen movie thingy.

Sam Mendes (him that directed American "So pretentious you'll forget its pretentious" Beauty and Road to Perdition which everyone praises but who's seen it more than once?), is down to direct but so far no word on whether he'll cast his missus, Kate Winslet, as Tulip.

In fact there's no word on casting at all. James Marsden was attachd as Jesse for many years but now he's a bit too old for it which is a shame because afer Enchanted and a couple of other movies in which he's been totally decent I think he would have been okay for it.

If you're not familiar with the comics then get on it because they're only bleedin' savage. They're full of sex, violence, boozing, debauchery and most importantly blasphemy. The controversy for this is going to be like that of The Passion of the Christ, Dogma and The Last Temptation of Christ all rolled into one.

Click on the read more for a visual reason why this movie might not be for everybody plus a short list of things they're more than likely going to leave out. Spoiler tastic

Shit they'll leave out:
1. Majority of swearing
2. Ditto Nudity
3. Cassidys backstory
4. Tulips backstory
5. The whole evil-grail arc.
6. The spawn of Jesus being in-bred to the point of retardation.
7. The gay sex detectives.
8. The Pervert in the mansion.
9. The whole Salvation story arc.
10. Ah fuck it. Its going to have most of it cut out to be honest and very watered down and wanky.

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October 31, 2008 at 5:27 PM MAcKY said...

A Hbo series that could've been deadly. The film could be good if they make it 18, a trilogy and try stay true to the characters. My money is on them completely watering it down to a 15 cert and destroying it.

October 31, 2008 at 8:11 PM Evil Bob said...

That is EXACTLY how I thought of it. Dividing the 9 books into three movies and starting each movie off with one of the characters flasbacks. Wish they'd let me make it.