Story of Hair Album Launch

The super-awesome Story of Hair are back with a vengeance, and tonight sees them debut their first album with a live show at Whelans. The album is entitled Cheap Rate, and promises to be one of the Irish releases of the year (and this in a particularly good year for Irish music).

The Hairs' live shows are notoriously quirky, poppy, noisey and great... so tonight will feature all of those qualities turned up to eleven as it's the band's biggest headline show yet. Providing support will the the excellent So Cow, and egoeccentric favorites Hoovers & Sledgehammers. Doors are at 8, with tickets going for 8 euros a pop. With the night that's in it, tis no surprise that Halloween dress is essential.

Check out the Hairs' new website which is all fancified and spanking new to tie in with the album release. And have a wander over to Sinead's Musical Rooms blog to get a peek into where the band write & practice.

So what does the new album sound like? For a clue, check out the readmore, where you can watch the video for Nanny Natch, the first single from Cheap Rate.

Tis yummy.

Nanny Natch:

Story of Hair - Nanny Natch from storyofhair on Vimeo.

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