Fol Chen - Cable TV

Just got my grubby mitt on the Fol Chen album Part I: John Shade, Your Fortune's Made, its addictive shit, what do they sound like well in the bands own words

“You know that mysterious black object that the creepy family is staring at on the cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Presence” album? Fol Chen sound like that… But we don’t sound like Led Zeppelin. (We actually do a little.) Instead, we sound a bit like Prince with Amon Duul II and a children’s religious revival, not to mention Hot Chip, Pink Floyd, Gwen Stefani, Pere Ubu, Danielson Famile, Scritti Politti, Boards of Canada, The Blow, and Pulp. (Mostly.) We are using secret powers and the guidance of legendary DJ Donna Donna to combat our nemesis, John Shade. We are cryptic and joyful and we would like you to dance.”

well that clears it up ........anyway wrap your eye holes around this video

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