Extra Life second album

Extra Life is an experimental band from Brooklyn formed in 2007.They combines elements of Medieval chant, metallic hardcore, dark neofolk, abstract modernism and lush pop.The band is lead by guitarist/vocalist Charlie Looker(member of Ocrilim, ex-Zs and ex-Dirty Projectors).
The band will be releasing its second album Made Flesh, on LOAF Recordings in March 2010, the new album is said to be

Both more accessible and more severe than their previous work, Made Flesh extends from fragile acoustic ballads to industrial symphonic assaults and deepens the band's signature heaviness while also exploring more psychedelic studio treatments, electronic textures and synths.

enjoy the mp3 download of their song, "Black Hoodie," taken from a limited edition split 12" with Nat Baldwin, which will be re-recorded/re-imagined for Made Flesh

Extra Life :: Black Hoodie

contuine reading to see a live video of extra life in Brooklyn, New York at Glasslands on November 23rd, 2008

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