Egoeccentric: Where Are They Now?

What's this? A new egoeccentric post??

Well, sort of...

Although this site has been long since retired, it continues to sit here in cyberspace- going nowhere soon, merely gathering dust and the occasional crazy comment.

For as long as Blogger keeps it here unarchived, I figure it would be a good idea to leave some forwarding addresses. You know- in case of emergency.

So here's what we'll call the egoeccentric 'Where are they now?' episode.

So to speak.

Clockwork Rob

Copywriting & making music.

Twitter: @clockwork_rob
Tumblr: Lost In The Aesthetic
Music: Clockwork Noise
Portfolio: @Wordpress


Web design & social media.

Twitter: opposablethumb_
Tumblr: Opposable Thumbs Tumblr
Portfolio: Opposable Thumbs

Evil Bob

Last seen on an island off the coast of Thailand, Evil Bob is currently living life the Kerouac way: wandering from place to place, taking each day as it comes, and (no doubt) teaching the far east how to talk shit and cause trouble.

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