Back to College, Introducing, and I'm a Nerd.

As anyone who i've spoken too over the last month or two knows, I'm a stinking nerd-bag and have been gagging for college to start back for ages. I must truly be getting old because this summer was loooong. So today was finally the day and we got the ball rolling with 'Freudian Case Studies', which was pretty interesting. A lot of talk about infantile sexuality and the libido.

We started to touch on Lacan, so i picked up one of my educational 'secret weapons': an 'Introducing...' book on him. In case anyone doesn't know the series, they're a kick ass way of getting a grip on tricksie subjects. In comic-book form, no less! Having saved my ass last year, i highly recommend them- even for non-essential learning. I've got a few completely unrelated to psychology that are pretty damn fascinating. 'Quantum Physics' for example. Wow.

But I won't get into a big quantum physics spiel right now.

Soon, though.

You have been warned.

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