New Guitar!

I finally got my new guitar so I'm over the moon. Look at her there, lookin all purdy. It's a custom 72 fender tele.

I had to get rid of my les paul cause it was driving me crazy. It may have sounded great but the overall gibson crapocity bugged the hell out of me. I've decided i'm a fender man through and through.

This baby has all the greatness of the regular telecaster (one of which i still own, my ever reliable old mexican model) but with the fatness of a humbucker on the neck. So it can effectively do the jobs of both tele and les paul, without the crapocity - woo hoo! Bah humbug to the les paul! Good riddance.

Quick plug for, where i got it from. Cheapest in the world as far as my extensive research could tell, and snappy as hell delivery.


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