Beirut Release Serious Contender For Album Of The Year

Having heard the bad news about Final Fantasy's new album not being finished any time soon I took my own advice and bought Beirut's new album 'The Flying Club Cup'. Even having only listened to it about three times at this stage (not bad, seeing as it's only lunchtime) I can safely say that it has blown me away.

I enjoyed Gulag Orkesta, but didn't really 'get into it', so the quality of the follow up has kinda taken me aback. It still has the strong Eastern-European influence present in Zach Condon's earlier work, but this album seems much more focused- with the emphasis heavily on the songs.

The songs in question are strikingly compelling, the arrangements always complimenting their interesting time signatures and impassioned vocals. Owen Pallett's string compositions have seamlessly slotted into the overall theme of the album, with several moments that one could easily imagine being belted out by a crazed gypsy at a bonfire.

I think this shall remain in my stereo for quite some time, as I ponder whether or not the title is an allusion to Quidditch.

Buy the album here.

Here are some tasters:



In The Mausoleum

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October 17, 2007 at 12:10 PM Blathnaid said...

You were the second person who told me to listen to this yesterday. Bought it this morning it is pretty good. A bit cluttered at times, but i like the general idea.