Dan Deacon Returns

So many people have claimed that Dan Deacon's recent crawdaddy show was either the greatest gig of the year and/or their lives that it's hardly worth mentioning how jealous I am that I wasn't there. Fortunately that raging jealousy has been pacified (for the time being) with the announcement of three (count em) Irish dates in November/December.

Details are sketchy at the moment, but I shall keep you informed as it becomes clearer.

(By the by, I know very little about Dan Deacon except for the legend of this gig. I believe he's classified as electro-punk)

Needless to say, everyone at the crawdaddy show was having way too much of a good time to make a decent video, so all we have to go on are snippets of madness like this:

And this well shot oddity from Nialler9:

You can read Nialler9's mouth-watering review here.

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